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Learn the 3 strategies a UK Hotel used to generate over £250K in new conference business within 1 month of my workshop!

Do you want to make a big impact on your hotels sales revenue this year?  The opportunity cost of leaving your conference room vacant 1-2 days a week is at least $40,000!  Annualized that’s a cost of  $1.6 million.

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The first 50 people to enter an email address in the box under the red arrows will receive my free “What to do in the next 3 days to Dramatically Increase your Conference Conversion rate” ebook.  You will also get access to a bonus video with a lead generation idea you can implement today and start getting more leads.   

In my weekly tips Learn How To:

  • Generate Leads from your Lobby Traffic
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Learn tactics which will:

  • Ensure you become a Conference and Meeting Professional so you ‘get’ your clients and make them want to buy from you so you don’t have to sell!
  • Give you the Competitive Edge!

My name is Ciara Feely and I am a Conference Converter.  I am the creator of  The Conference Converter System™.  I have developed this from the insights I have gathered from being a Venue Finder for 9 years.  Conference Planners have told me everything!

They have given me feedback they will never give directly to venues and in my trainings I share all of those secrets with you.   What do you have to do to get this?

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Over 200 clients started booking more Meetings, Conference and Event Business straight away by implementing my sales conversion tips.

If you want your part of the lucrative conference market – I can help.  I have created the Conference Club as an easy way to share my best tips with you to close more leads.  In just 45 minutes a month – via Webinar, you will learn what to do now to start attracting, converting and winning a lot more conference business.   How do you find out more about this Conference Club?  Simply put your email in the box under the red arrows and click.  The next page is full of information on how you can secure this knowledge for you and your team.

This Months Webinar is on How to Write Proposals that WIN!

An online virtual workshop where I share what a Planner needs to see in a proposal to say YES. 

On this Webinar you will learn -

  • 3 big mistakes to avoid in Your Proposal
  • Pricing Strategies the Planner will Love
  • What the Planner really needs to see in the Proposal to help them say YES!

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Ciara helped us to open a whole new market segment that we hadn’t considered possible for our hotel.   We converted 2 conferences within a few weeks of applying her advice and tips.  She just made it easy.

Tara Cronin, Vienna Woods Hotel, Cork

The fresh perspective prompted a response from the team.
Everyone is working on the actions committed to at the workshop. The Sales team and Conference & Events guys were enthused in particular by your approach and wisdom. We have seen changes already in the way we approach potential new clients and we have had a considerable piece of business practically walk in off the street.  It is a two year residential conference training programme for a national company that will make all the difference to our bottom line this year.  It is directly as a result of your wisdom and approach that we have converted it.  The effect you have had on our team will not be forgotten.  Thank you.

Michael Long, GM, Weetwood Conference Centre